Wheelie Bins & Compactors

Commercial wheelie bin and compactor hire for speedy waste removal

Our commercial wheelie bins are an ideal space saver for any business. Highly moveable and versatile, the bins can get into places most waste solutions could never imagine – the top of a high rise, a basement and through the winding corridors of large indoor venues.

Combined with our Compactor truck, we’re able to remove waste on-site, keeping operations running smoothly and efficiently, whether it’s a refurbishment project, clear-out, renovation project or any other type of project.

Get your commercial waste taken care of by a firm with 50 years of proven experience, and a sustainability track record that sees us divert 99% of the waste we collect from landfill.

We’re here to solve your waste removal problems with our highly organised commercial wheelie bin and compactor services, delivering logistical excellence on a cost-effective budget.

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The Norris Difference

With 50 years expertise, knowledge and experience in numerous sectors we are one of the leading waste management businesses — offering an unrivaled level of service, customer care, and quality across the UK.

Switch to Norris National for reliable collection and organised waste segregation

If you’re an office, a restaurant, or a commercial property of any kind with regular waste removal needs – our decades of expertise and commitment to reliable, upgraded waste management practices makes us your ideal partner.

If your business is on a route already covered by our network, we can collect as few as 1-2 bins on a regular basis, going all the way up to 100 commercial waste bins for a full dustcart collection.

Our logistical team will get to know the waste removal needs of your business, and advise you on the best possible system to put in place. We supply large wheelie bins of all sizes, and can also advise you on the best way to separate out your waste for collection.

Sustainable commercial waste removal

We take care of your commercial business by helping your sustainability scores with better waste processing, and better reporting. 

By switching your commercial waste removal to us, we’ll help with your business’s sustainability scores by diverting 99% of your waste from landfill, and advise you how to reduce your impact with waste stream separation.

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