Roll on / Roll off Containers

Efficient bulk waste removal with our roll on roll off skips

When you’ve got large amounts of inert waste that you need out of your way fast, nothing does the job like a roll on/roll off skip container. And no one else delivers these RoRo containers with Norris’s level of precision, punctuality, and our trademark capacity for waste removal problem solving.

Thanks to our decades of experience in efficient large-scale waste removal, we make what could be a complex operation completely hassle-free. Our trained drivers will be on site, on time — ready to drop off your RoRo container, and take it away when you need that waste out of your way.

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The Norris Difference

With 50 years expertise, knowledge and experience in numerous sectors we are one of the leading waste management businesses — offering an unrivaled level of service, customer care, and quality across the UK.

Expertly managed waste removal with our on-hand logistics team

We know how important rapid exchanges and collections are to our customers to keep their sites running smoothly. When your project has a lot of waste and debris to clear, you want to get it contained, collected, and moved offsite in the most efficient way possible, keeping your work schedule moving forward.

Hiring your RoRo container through Norris gives you access to our logistics team — who will use their experience and attention to detail to organise your RoRo hire with care and precision.

We’ll make sure you get the RoRo container that’s perfect for your site, enabling the maximum amount of waste to be cleared in the most efficient way possible.

Our team will scope out your site access, making sure your site is suitable for these containers. By asking the right questions, and leaning on our years of experience — we optimise the number of containers and vehicles it will take to clear your site. We’ll also advise you on whether a low or high sided container is likely to be better for your project, depending on how your team will be loading your container.

Using efficient logistics, waste processing and planning to upgrade your sustainability scores

We share our sustainable waste removal expertise with our RoRo hire customers – offering better waste reporting and tracking, sustainable processing of the waste taken away, and efficient delivery of construction materials using RoRo vehicles.

Data and reporting from your RoRo waste collection is tracked, processed and given to you after disposal, helping you to compile fully accurate and site-specific data reports.

And with all waste collected in RoRo containers going through a rigorous processing and separation process at a Materials Recovery Facility — with a 99% rate of diversion from landfill for reuse — we’re helping you to dispose of vast amounts of site waste in a way that’s sustainable and trackable.

Finally, we also distribute primary and recycled aggregates using our RoRo containers to sites in need of construction materials as well as bulk waste removal. Your RoRo container can arrive loaded with the materials you need, and then take away the waste you need gone.

Our experience drives your efficiency and sustainability

Over the years we’ve continually optimised our efficiency practices, and our long-standing knowledge of sustainable waste removal. That’s how we’re able to remove waste from your site in the most pain-free way possible, and maximise your waste removal operations to help you meet your sustainability targets.

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