Keep your equipment on site, safely and securely

We provide secure lockers that allow items to be left safely on site. This allows your teams to leave bulky PPE, heavy tools, and company paperwork on site — saving your team from having to carry it home, as well as reducing the risk of theft.

Our storage solutions are also ideal for larger bits of equipment that may otherwise need to be moved off-site each day.

Effective on site storage not only helps protect your assets and tools, but can reduce the burden on your team who carry heavy equipment at the end of each shift, and the logistics of moving your equipment off site.

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The Norris Difference

With 50 years expertise, knowledge and experience in numerous sectors we are one of the leading waste management businesses — offering an unrivaled level of service, customer care, and quality across the UK.

Improving the efficiency and wellbeing of your entire site

Our On-Site Facilities planning is often paired with our Site Assessment service, meaning we use our site efficiency expertise to plan out every aspect of your site’s design and function.

Ultimately, proper site planning at the earliest stages can prevent several common problems happening later down the line. Once a site is operational, making changes to the facilities planning is not always possible. We’re here to provide all of the units, facilities and containers your staff will need — and help you to get your site plan right from the start.

Prepare your build site for success with our knowledge and expertise

We’re here to help you avoid these common problems with site storage — sourcing the best units and facilities for your site, and installing them in the best possible place for the ongoing success of your project. Our decades of experience as waste removal specialists has seen us develop a knowledge base of expertise when it comes to the efficient design of construction sites, and an unrivaled ability to optimise your on-site operations.

That’s where we go above and beyond — we source and deliver the units you need direct to your site, and we use our in-depth industry knowledge to help you set up a well-designed construction site as a key part of this service.

Perfectly planned logistics for more efficient sites

Our knowledge and understanding of on-site logistics means we offer efficiency and optimisation practices for your business beyond waste removal. From arranging on-site facilities such as toilets and welfare units to helping you with logistical planning to drive operational excellence, it’s easy to see why so many company’s are switching to Norris for their waste and on-site services.

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