Site Clearance

Giving you the clear space you need to start your project

In order to get your site ready, you’ll need to clear what’s there. And that can be a challenge. Whether you’re preparing for a demolition or ready to start groundworks, effective site clearance set-up your project for success.

But they also throw up many challenges such as hazardous waste and sometimes invasive plants that need to be managed effectively.

So it’s important you turn to the experts in site clearance waste management. We’re on hand every step of the way, able to deal with every challenge – even the ones you could never have predicted.

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The right solution, no matter how the land lies

Through our extensive partner network, we’ve got every eventuality covered. No matter what the land looks like, we’ll be able to plan and execute the most effective waste management service to get your site cleared.

And even better, we’ll take that waste and recycle it when possible. We will push it back into the construction industry, perhaps as hardcore, another recycled aggregate, chipboard or it could even be used as a heat source.

Just know that using Norris, your waste won’t just be cleared. It will be cleared effectively and sustainably.

Site Clearance FAQ

It’s not uncommon to encounter COSHH and other hazardous waste during a site clearance. So if we do, we’ve got it covered. There are some waste types we can clear, and for those we can’t, we will use one of our trusted specialists, working with them to ensure the waste is cleared efficiently.

Yes, we can offer a full range of services needed to help get your job done. We offer everything from site welfare and portable toilet hire to a full site assessment on larger sites to help bring logistical precision to your project.

As a registered waste carrier and a responsible, conscientious company, we ensure all waste is disposed of properly. We divert 99% of waste from landfill, looking at ways we can repurpose waste, recycling as much as we can.

Our professional team have access to our full range of waste services. What you’ll need will depend on the specifics of your site, but typically, a site clearance will utilise skips including our larger RoRo containers, and often our grab lorries, perfect for large scale bulk waste and inter waste.


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