The waste expertise you need for your extension projects

Extension projects come with their own challenges. Restricted access and often occupied buildings with either residents, retailers or offices, requiring work is done with a more sympathetic approach. But the waste still needs to be cleared.

No matter how complex the challenges are, we have the solutions in place to help move your project forward.

Our logistics team can assess your site, and our site assessment service allows pinpoint planning of your site to ensure operational efficiency. We’ll help you overcome the wide range of challenges extension project can face, whilst ensuring we help keep you on-track to deliver.

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A wide range of services to support extension projects

We’ve developed an enviable reputation for our waste services, considered to be among the best the UK has to offer. But we’re far more than a waste business. Our 50 years of industry expertise have given us deep insight into helping construction projects run more efficiently.

We’ll help you plan your site from the start, finding solutions to the challenges an extension project may face. Our toolbox talks can help your team drive best waste practice and significantly improve your sustainability reporting. Our facilities team can provide everything your team needs to be comfortable and rested during the working day.

But most of all, our team are committed to helping you deliver your project on time. We know not everyone is as passionate about waste as we are, so we’ll take care of the waste and allow you to focus on your project.

Extensions FAQ

Extension projects often pose unique and complex challenges for waste. Often they are in locations where people live, work, shop or locations such as schools where disruption should be minimised. So we’re the experts when it comes to both planning efficiency and minimising disruption to your projects no matter the size and scale of your extension project.

This is a common challenge, especially with extension projects. Obviously the exact solution needs to be carefully thought through and planned, but we have a variety of solutions driven by thorough logistical planning to help remove waste from the most complex of space.

Extension projects tend to require a wide range of waste solutions, and we can supply whatever is needed. From Skips and RoRo to Grab Lorry and Tippers, we’ll get the right solution in the right place, when you need it. We can send cage trucks for places skip lorries can’t reach and we can even provide sweepers to keep your site looking tidy throughout and make it shine ready for handover.

New build projects generate a wide variety of waste. We divert 99% of waste from landfill, meaning the vast majority of waste your project creates with be recycled or reused. We’ll produce detailed waste reports showing how much we have been able to recycle, helping spearhead you sustainability and net-zero planning initiatives.


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