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Commercial landscape clearance

Alongside our site clearance service, we offer specialist services in landscape clearance, helping your project get set-up for success.

We’re able to support your project with any pre-development landscape clearance, across a range of terrains, no challenge is too big or too complex.

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There’s nearly no waste with Norris

When we take your green waste away from your commercial landscaping project, we’ll take the waste away to be composted.

It takes around 20 weeks and regular turning for the green waste to break down evenly. The outputs of this will be high quality compost and other materials that can be used to create new landscapes in your new development.

Wood may be chipped into bark or high quality wood turned into construction timber, or even fire wood.

When you work with Norris you can rest assured that not only will your site be cleared quickly, but your waste will be managed effectively and sustainably.

Landscaping FAQ

We can work on a wide range of terrains to help clear landscape waste. More complex sites may require more logistical planning to determine the right equipment. For a more complex site, we’ll work with you from the start to plan the most effective waste evacuation route and plan the right equipment to get your waste removed.

Green waste can be repurposed in a number of different ways. We divert 99% of waste from landfill, and look to turn green waste into high quality compost and timber. Rest assured, our waste reports let you know exactly what we’re doing and how much or your waste is being recycled or reused.

Naturally, that depends on the size of the site. But for larger sites, so much of the efficiency is in planning. That’s why our site assessment team are on hand to help from day one, helping ensure you have the right equipment, efficient logistics and waste know-how for when you have to deal with the unforeseen challenges waste projects create.

This depends on the specific nature of your site and logistical challenges such as access. Typically, we’d look at a Grab Lorry for bulky heavy waste, but can also deploy Skips and RoRo’s. For smaller or less accessible sites, a cage truck may be suitable to remove smaller waste loads. But whatever you need you can rest in the knowledge that Norris have the skills and expertise to get the right equipment, when you need it.


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