Where can I have my skip sited?

23 February 2018

Norris Waste Management

The Control of Pollution Act of 1974 was replaced by a new waste licensing system in 1994 to regulate the deposit, recovery and removal of ‘controlled waste’. Controlled waste refers to liquid or solid industrial, commercial and household wastes. However, people who are just disposing waste from their own garden were exempt from the need of the license.

In order to have a license, the person applying has to demonstrate that they are fit to hold it. If an applicant wishes to own a new site, they have to show how ‘technically competent’ they are by possessing a (WAMITAB) certificate (Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board).

People who create, bring in, convey, store, treat or remove controlled waste were given a new duty of care in section 34 of the Act. It stated that: “Any escape or waste must be avoided, waste can only be moved to an authorised person, the waste being transferred should go with a written description or you will be penalised”.

There are also the special waste regulations 1996 and the hazardous waste regulations 2005 that regulate how waste should be disposed.

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