3 steps to ensure that your property is at its best at all times

16 August 2017

Norris Waste Management

The space that you occupy is of the utmost importance to you. No wonder then, that people in the UK spend in millions of Pounds to redecorate, renovate and maintain their space. Whether it is to sell the property and move on or to improve it to your standards, you spend considerable amounts of time, money and effort in getting things just right. How about 3 quick tips to make life easier on this front? Read on to find out:


The biggest problem in the UK today with regards to maintenance is that there is way too much stuff in seemingly small spaces. The garage, lounge, spare rooms are filled with things that you will probably never use again. Getting rid of these things will ensure that you can make a better space for living.
Decluttering itself can give you a more optimised use of your space. Rooms look bigger than they do now and you will have more space for entertainment and your family. In fact, with clutter out of the way, you can concentrate on the odd jobs that have been getting postponed or work on problem areas that were hidden by the clutter.

How to declutter if there are a lot of waste items?

Target one room at a time :
Start with the bigger items such as unused furniture, and old appliances that were tucked away after you stopped using them. Look for waste piled up in the spare rooms. Go through books, stacks of papers and boxes with things that would probably never get opened again. The kitchen is the next logical room to attack. Clean out anything that has been lying around but has not been used for 6 months or more. In bedrooms and wardrobes you can go through clothes that you haven’t been using. Stack these things in piles, Separate the items you wear regularly from those you haven’t worn for a year and you will easily be able to separate what can be given to the charity shop.

Now that you have gone through the house and ensured that everything is sorted out, what do you do with the things that cannot be given away? That’s the next step

Hire a skip :
If you are in the Greenwich, Orpington, Bromley and South-East London regions you can hire a Norris Skip to get rid of the waste items. You can include things like a fence that you have replaced recently, hosepipes and garden waste too. Clearing and cleaning the house will give it a new personality. One that is more amicable and easier to love.

Don’t know which size to order or need more details? Get in touch with the skip experts at Norris and get answers to all your questions right away.