Norris Wins Most Considerate Supplier Award 2019

A uniformed Norris driver stands in front of a Norris delivery truck after making a delivery to a commercial skip hire customer

27 November 2019

Norris Waste Management

We are more than pleased to announce we recently scooped a much-coveted national award. 

Norris was awarded the Most Considerate Supplier award at the Considerate Constructors Scheme’s 2019 National Company and Supplier Awards. We were alongside some of the UK and Ireland’s highest-performing construction companies and supplies at the thoroughly enjoyable event.


What do the awards signify?

The National Company and Supplier Awards pay homage to the UK and Irelands construction companies and suppliers who have made impressive strides and contributions whilst achieving the highest level of performance and competence against the CCS’s Code of Considerate Practice.

The CCS code also goes one step further and makes a renewed effort each year to monitor the considerable efforts of those registered with the Scheme in regards to their work with their community, the environment, and their workforce.

The event itself

The award ceremony was held over two nights, the 31st of October and the 1st of November, at the luxurious and impressive Rosewood London in Holborn. With hundreds of guests traveling from all across the UK and Ireland to get here, this was a busy and enjoyable event for all in attendance.

The Considerate Constructor’s Scheme 2019 National Company and Supplier Awards were the biggest in the history of the event in terms of the number of awards and attendees. An incredible 178 awards were presented to deserving recipients from a selection of the 725 companies and suppliers who had applied.

There were:

  • 30 Gold awards
  • 15 Most Considerate Runners-Up awards
  • 44 Silver awards
  • 84 Bronze awards

Why was Norris nominated?

As CCS’ first Supplier PartnerNorris provides an exceptional and specialist service to construction companies in and around London. We are based in Orpington, where our Waste Management and Recycling Centre has grown in popularity and reputation for over 40 years.

CCS had these kind words to say about us:

The ingenious adoption of technology allows Norris to address multiple areas of the Scheme easily; monthly drone aerial assessments are carried out on each yard to get a complete overview of site appearance including secure boundaries. ‘Weighsoft’ has been utilised by the company to automate the waste management process. It is a mobile device that electronically sends jobs to drivers and allows customers to track orders, manage costs and view mostly waste reports, demonstrating the comprehensive range of steps taken to maintain a high appearance level.

Environmentally, ‘TachoMaster’ analysis of poor driving and heavy braking combines with a handheld PDA system that alerts operatives to traffic issues and congestion avoidance, in order to reduce carbon emissions. The information is collated and put into a formal report for the entire fleet that establishes internal targets in accordance with FORS Silver Standard. Fantastic e-learning programmes are in place for all staff on areas relating to health, safety and fire management, meeting personal and professional development needs.

The continuation of brilliant levels of service provision across all areas of the Scheme makes Norris, a true inspiration for other suppliers.