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16 August 2017

Norris Waste Management

The United Kingdom has strict waste management and disposal laws since these factors directly affect the environment and the carbon footprint that we leave behind from our daily lives. So, there are a few laws that you should be aware of before hiring a skip. What are these regulations? Read on to find out:

Permits and licenses

It is very important the skip hire company that you choose has all the relevant government permissions and follows the transport and disposal regulations. Norris is one of the most respectable and fully licensed by the Environment Agency in this regard. It is also important to know whether you will need any skip permit or license. A permit is necessary if the skips have to be placed on the pavement or a public road. Your local council will be the one to provide this permit. Alternatively place the skip on your own property where no permit will be required.

What are the different skip permits?

The skip permit can last from a day to 4 weeks and needs to be obtained in advance. You might have to pay extra fees, to get this at the last minute, which is usually considered to be less than 3 days before the arrival of the skip. Skip permits are not regulated by central government; therefore, the rules vary for each council. While some of the councils have online forms, others may ask for an in person visit or phone call. Similarly, the cost of skip permits also varies.

The safety and maintenance obligations

It is the responsibility of the individual, in whose name the skip permit has been issued to look after the skip while it is placed on the public road. Be careful to make sure that the waste to be disposed of is not dangerous and can be contained within the skip. An all too common problem is that skips are overfilled and hence cannot be driven away without posing a threat to other road users.

One might also need to place safety lights or some sort of marking like reflective marking, night time safety lamps or traffic cones around the skip. It is important so the people in the locality can see the skip easily.

Each council has different rules for lights and markings, so it is important to know which rule has to be followed in individual localities. Failure to put up right safety markings and lights could result into a fine from the local council. Leaving the skip for longer than permitted will lead to problems too; so, if the waste will take you a few days to load then make sure that you have the permits for the right length of time.

No one hiring a skip can be expected to be aware of all of the regulations; which is why the team at Norris would be happy to discuss them with you while you find out your skip hire quote.

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