Norris Guide to Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Services in South East London & Kent

25 September 2019

Norris Waste Management

Hey! Thanks for visiting this page, where you can find more information about eco-friendly and sustainable services in South East London and Kent. As a business that operates in the waste management and resources industry, we are keen to help members of our community to support local businesses and make empowered and sustainable purchasing decisions.

This article is relevant to:

  • General members of the community
  • Small trade professionals (builders, plumbers etc)
  • Office-based professionals

What you will find below are some local suggestions of businesses that you might want to work with. Mixed among them are some national suppliers and companies that we think are worth working with regardless of location. None of the websites or businesses listed below have paid for or asked for any affiliation with Norris.

Sustainable and Environmental Construction Material Suppliers

Sustainability continues to grow and grow, getting more airtime and serious commitment than ever before. We’re absolutely dedicated to the cause and we want local tradesmen to get involved too. Switching out the traditional materials you use for more sustainable alternatives is one way that you can make a big change. Eco-bricks, recycled building materials and aggregates, geosynthetics, toxin-free foam insulation and reused assets are just a few examples.

Find hundreds of great products and techniques on these websites:

Environmental Consulting

If you want your business to have a better environmental or sustainable impact, but you have no idea where to start, it’s a good idea to call in the experts!

Reusing assets

There’s a huge movement in the UK to get people reusing their assets instead of disposing of them or letting them gather dust in storage somewhere. Below are some websites where you can grab amazing freebies or bargains, helping the environment as you do so.

Eco-friendly business services

Below are a whole host of services that have placed the environment, the planet, and sustainable progress at the forefront of their activities.

Eco-friendly Sanitation

Eco-friendly Cleaning

Paper & printing



Eco-friendly Community

How is South East London and Kent gearing up for the future?

Eco-Friendly Housing

Housing is important, we spend so much time there. What might the future of housing in our communities look like?

  • BedZED – South London Eco Village
  • Tutco – Upcycled furniture commissions
  • Catalyst – Eco homes

Eco-Friendly Places in South East London

Want to hang out somewhere cool and fun but without the negative environmental burden? These are some of our favourite haunts:

  1. Good Hotel – Down in the Royal Victoria Docks you’ll find this stunning hotel that has sourced everything from local suppliers, including food supplies, linens, labour, construction materials and more. The lot! Sleep here sustainably…
  2. Dalston Eastern Curve Garden – Built on the old Eastern Curve railway line, this green oasis in East London costs nothing to enter and is maintained by the profits from the chilled café within.
  3. Smashing Kitchen (vegan café) – This pro-environmental café has outlawed plastic in favour of sustainable and recyclable cardboard alternatives. Head down to Hackney and see what the future of café experiences might look like.
  4. Bulk Market – Hackney’s favourite Zero Waste supermarket is only going to get bigger and more popular if community power has anything to do with it. Take your own jars, bags and tubs and stock up on the essentials!
  5. London Zoo – Have you heard about the building made from plastic bottles inside London Zoo? These bottles were all collected from around London and are part of an important exhibition shining a light on environmental attitudes and behaviour changes.

Waste management

Having shared all of our favourite eco-friendly resources from in and around London and Kent, we wanted to finish off by quickly pitching our services.

Loved by residential and private customers, builders, tradesmen and contractors alike, we are now South East London and Kent’s #1 choice for the following services:

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