Would I need council permission to place a skip on the road, verge or pavement?

23 February 2018

Norris Waste Management

Do you want to hire a skip for a construction project that will involve placing it on public land? Then you will need a skip hire permit. Skip hire permits are necessary for situations where you need to place a skip on a land or in a space that isn’t yours. It could be land that belongs to a third party, a federal highway, government road, or just along the street. However, if you have a piece of land or property on which to place the skip and you are sure it won’t intrude on council land or someone else’s property, then you won’t  need a skip permit. However, if you place a skip in a position that infringes on the privacy of another person not involved in your project, the skip can be removed and seized or you could be fined.

For as low as £20, you can obtain a skip hire permit, depending on the size of the skip and the issuing council. There are also skip hire permits that cost £60, £80 and even as much as £100. You can contact the council office to find out more about the pricing if you wish.

It is our duty at Norris Skips Kent to make your skip hire a smooth process. So, why go through the stress of obtaining a skip hire permit when we can get it for you, as we deliver the skip you require? When you request for an online quote, we include the cost of getting a permit – which will not be necessary if you have land of your own on which to place the skip. We provide skip hire services along with permits that last for up to 14 days. Contact us today on 020 8698 8000 to find out more on skip hire permits and other services we have available for you.