5 ways to make cleaning up after your event easy

22 August 2017

Norris Waste Management

Having a party or celebration at home is a great way to socialise. But it’s also true that an after-party effect is that the house is less than tidy, making you wonder how to de-clutter and bring back your living space. Whether the party is big or if you had only invited close family and friends’, the cleaning up is always an issue. With all the focus on the clutter, here are some simple steps to make the house tidy, easily.

Planning effectively

In the same way that the birthday party or a get together needs planning, take a similar orderly approach to clearing up afterwards. A systematic approach will help in organising your home back to normal, faster. Start with the messiest and clear out one room at a time. The rooms that are often used like the living room and kitchen can be cleaned with highest priority, while the guest rooms can be taken up later. Don’t forget to pack up your party decorations first!

The “Get one, toss two” rules

Gifts are great, but they also take up space unless you also get rid of the old item too. This simple rule helps to clear things out here. According to the rule, you need to throw away 2 equivalent items for every gift received. For example, if you get 2 appliances as gifts, get rid of 4 that have not been used in the last 6 months.


A lot of thought goes into presents, this makes them very special. But there still gifts that you are sure you are never going to use like unusual cooking utensils or an autobiography of a celebrity. Some of these things will be really welcomed by someone so why not pass them on? Be careful that they are not related to the sender though!

Make a list

Make a separate list of items based on use, likes and need. This will give you a clear distinction between necessary and unwanted items. It will also help in making better use of your limited cupboard space.

Hiring a skip

The final step is to get rid of what you don’t need. A great option is to hire a skip to get rid of the waste from the party. The motivation to fill the brim will help in getting rid of maximum clutter and if the planning is done just right then you will be able to pack things that are waste within just a few days from the event too!