COSHH Disposal

Safe, efficient disposal of hazardous waste.

Don’t let hazardous waste put your project on hold.

Coming across hazardous waste can really hold up your operation – but we’re on hand to remove the waste according to the proper and safe procedures.

Under Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations, we can safely dispose of any nasty surprises you might find while digging on site, or any other hazardous material you might need removing.

We can assist with asbestos removal, demolition works, and big building contracts. And if we’re doing your skip hire waste removal, we can also help with hazardous waste.

Make an enquiry

Send in a photo, and we’ll find a solution

Email us a photo of the hazardous waste you need collecting, and we’ll let you know if it’s something we can take care of ourselves.

If it’s a substance we are not licensed to carry, we know someone who will be. We’ll even help you arrange it.

A person in Haz Mat PPE removing a potentially risky item.

Safely contained and properly disposed of

Once we’ve got the details of the hazardous waste you need removing, we can advise on the best way to move it.

We often remove this kind of waste in clip top drums with an 800l capacity, with a price offered per drum. Or, we might give you a price per item instead.

Either way, we will either transport it ourselves and tip it all at a specialist hazardous disposal site, or we will work with one of our partners to get this waste out of your way.

A member of the Norris team coordinating activities to ensure efficient services to our customers.

Got a question or booking query?

Get in contact with our expert team by email or phone. We’re here to solve your waste removal problems.